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Robert Šimek & Johnny Cash Revival Band

Despite the fact that Revival is quite official and well recognized music category, which includes a relatively wide area of interpretative and musicological activities (publication of original songs, new recordings of commemorative melodies, recent production connected to original production, publication of commemorative musical literature…), some people can consider it to be something less important, that is only an imitation of original music.

Of course, not every revival deserve to be considered as an art, but on the international music scene, we sometimes also find singers and bands, who create such an revival, that we can interpretatively compare with original artists.

To this category also belongs a talented Slovak singer Robert Simek, who in his artistic career bet on the legend of country and western music Johnny Cash.

Robert Simek was born in 1966 and he definitely doesn’t belong to those, who stayed for all his live at the native soil. He was born and lives till now in the capital city of Slovakia, in Bratislava, but he had also lived few years in Austria and USA. When he was 14 years old, he started playing gitare. At the same time, when listening to LP-disks from the collection of his father, he was more and more subject to magic of bassbaryton of Johnny Cash. Hundreds of hours he has spent by listening and conscientious studing of Cash’s songs and by an aspiration to create a carbon copy of his voice, vocal expression, and over-all image – from the loose holding of the gitare to Cash’s garderobe in the style of "Man in Black".

In the autumn 1991 he had published his first collection of John Cash revival band (also rest of the band walks faithfully in the footsteps of the legendary Sound Cash’s Tennessee Three band), on the way to listerners, he was already well equipped by few tenth of revival versions of Cash’s songs. He has quickly impressed audience in Slovakia and Austria –and from that time, he is a frequent guest on the place country clubs and on festivals. Few times he has also appeared on the TV screen. His image was also strenghten by two concerts in strictly controled slovak prisons in Zelezovce (1994) and Leopoldov (1997) few years ago, as well as he was singing Johnny Cash’s songs to prisoners in Folsome and San Quintine.

In 1996 was Robert Simek introduced to czech fans via TV programme Country Express Prague – Nashville. After that he started to work together with agency called Western Man, thanks to which he has got several concerts in the prestigious country club C15 in Praque, moreover he played on the festival Wells Frago and finally he has also worked in the recording studio.